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Park Ridge Women's Tennis Association


The Park Ridge Park District has reserve the first 5 courts at Hinkley Park for the PRWTA on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11am and Monday, Thursday from 5-9pm and Friday from 5-7pm.  Open Play is open to all levels.  To participate in Open Play, you must be a member unless we are short a player and request a non-member to play (until member is available).

Upon arrival at Hinkley Park, the first four people will play doubles on the first court, the next four people on the second court, and so on. Court 6 is reserved for the general public. After completing one-half hour of play, all players must leave the court and let the next foursome come on. If no one is waiting, players should still leave the court and scramble the players for the next 30 minutes.

Since the courts change on the half hour, players arriving after the half hour should wait outside the courts until the next changeover or until another player arrives, at which time the two players can warm up.  If a waiting player is needed as a fourth for doubles, she will be asked to join in immediately, but if there are two people playing singles, the waiting player should wait until the next changeover (unless the singles players invite the waiting players to join them).

Open Play is not meant for weekly games with your foursome. We encourage you to come and enjoy meeting and playing with new partners while improving your game and keeping this a friendly organization.

Playing challenge matches during Open Play is permitted if a court is available.




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