Park Ridge Women's Tennis Association
Park Ridge Women's Tennis Association
Dues for Park Ridge residents are $38 and $50 for non-residents.

Hi Ladies,


The season is off to a GREAT start!


On June 1, the ladders will be set with A ladder and B ladder. All May Open Challenges matches must be completed by May 31. Beginning in June, you can only challenge five positions above you. Please review the Challenge Rules if you are on a Challenge ladder. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the officers. If you are a SOCIAL member, you can sign up for Doubles or Singles tournaments.


Open Play. Due to the construction of South Park tennis courts, we have one fewer courts at Hinkley Park in the evenings. On Monday and Thursday evenings, Open Play has priority over matches. We suggest either scheduling your matches starting at 7pm or later at Hinkley. We have the most people coming for Open Play between 5-7pm. Another option is to play your matches at another local park.


Forfeits. Please do not take this personally. Once a match is officially scheduled and it is not played for whatever reason, then the match is forfeited. Points are awarded to the non-defaulting team and ladder changes will be made if necessary. Forfeits are a way to keep the ladder moving.


No More Reporting of Open Play. We are not doing it this summer.

Turnovers: The board has received a number of inquiries about turnovers in May. Under Challenge Ladders Rule #4, “If any player in the top 3 positions is turned over and a team or player just below any of the top 5 positions is challenged, the winner will move up above the team(s) turned over. When the player/team who was turned over returns, and if she has/they have dropped below position #6, then she is/they are allowed a free challenge to resume their previous position to be taken within two weeks of their return. If the number one team/player is turned over, and the number two team/player is challenged, whichever team/player wins the challenge will automatically be moved to the number one spot.”

Report Results. Remember to report your results via the Report Matches tab on our website.


Congratulations. The winners of our May Round Robin:  B division-first place Erica Cupuro and 2nd place Judy Frank. A division-1st place Amy Noble and 2nd place Jess Moyer. Big thanks to our Event Chairs: Midge Mountain and Marilyn Fritz.


June 1, sign up opens for July event. The link for the July Round Robin will be available on the home page. If you don’t remember if you signed up, then look at the tab for that event on the website. Please do not sign up twice!


Tennis Etiquette. Let’s remember that we are a SOCIAL LEAGUE. We are out to have fun, exercise and meet people. Here are a few reminders about tennis etiquette:

  1. Do not protest or question an opponent’s calls either by speech or gesture. Remember we are out here for FUN. Give your opponent the benefit of any calls. If you are not sure if the ball is IN or OUT, then give the point to your opponent.
  2. Notify the server between points that you are sending the ball to her. Do not make her chase after it. If her partner has given her a ball already, then send the ball over to the net player.
  3. When a ball lands on your court from an adjacent court, stop playing immediately and call a “let.” Replay the point.
  4. Make calls of “out” or “let” immediately. A ball is called IN or OUT by the team on the side where the ball lands.
  5. Never enter anyone else’s court while play is in progress.
  6. Be certain the receiver is ready before serving.
  7. Avoid arguments of any kind. Even if you disagree, just let it go.
  8. Treat your opponents with courtesy. Be gracious in defeat.
  9. Avoid getting angry with yourself, your partner, or your opponent.
  10. The server should announce the score loudly before serving. In case of any errors, it is better to correct them immediately.

Tori Jepsen (PRWTA President)



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