The first player to win 7 points by a margin of 2 points shall win the game and the set. If it is Player A's turn to serve, she serves the first point from the right (deuce) court. Player B serves points 2 and 3 starting in the left (ad) court; Player A serves points 4 and 5, also starting in the left court. Player B then serves 6 from the left, and players change ends. Player B serves point 7 from the right; A serves points 8 and 9 (L,R); B serves points 10 and 11 (L,R); A serves point 12 (L). If the point reach 6-all, players change ends again and continue in the same pattern, changing ends after every 6 points until one player leads by 2 points, whereupon she wins the set 7-6 for 11-10. Player B starts the next set.


Players A and B versus C and D follow the same pattern as in singles, with partners preserving the sequence of their serving, as the service alternates from team to team. Player A serves point 1 [R]; C serves points 2 and 3 [L,R]; B serves points 4 and 5 [L,R]; D serves 6 [L]; and, after teams change ends, point 7 [R]. Player A serves points 8 and 9 [L,R]; then players C, B and D serve as needed. If a score of 6-all is reached, teams change ends and continue play until one team has a 2-point lead.

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