1. Default time is 10 minutes. The only excuse are a flat tire or a car accident on your way to the match.

2. If a player is unable to finish a match due to tiredness, injury, illness, etc., she must forfeit the match. Better to forfeit if overheated than to become seriously ill.

3. Challenges may be made via e-mail, text or phone. If no response is received in 24 hours, challenge again using an alternative means. If no response is received in the second 24 hour period, a forfeit will be given. Give the challenger at least 3 reasonable days and times (including one weekend and evening) within 7 days to play the match. Otherwise, the challenged player must offer a forfeit. Similarly, the challenger must respond back to the challenged player within 24 hours to say which date and time are best to schedule the match. Otherwise the challenged player may move on and make or accept another challenge.

4. The winner must report match results within 24 hours of play or forfeit the win.

5. Challenges should be at least 7 days prior to the end of the season. Challenges made with fewer than 7 days left in the season are not subject to forfeits due to unavailability.

6. Once a match is officially scheduled with a mutually agreed upon date and time, if either team finds out later that they cannot play, then that team must offer a forfeit. Points will be awarded to the non-defaulting team, and ladder changes will be made if necessary.

Tiebreaker Rules

Challenge Ladder Rules

Open Play